Our Story


Founded by visionary creative Taylor K. Shaw, leader in the world of conscious content, media, activism and empowering women—Black Women Animate is the first and only production company designed to improve the representation of black women in animation. While creating her own animated series, Taylor wanted to employ a team of black women animators but quickly realized her search would be more challenging than expected. She joined forces with Creative and Activist JLove Calderón to create BWA, a chance to help black women, women of color, and nonbinary artists of color in the world of animation obtain visibility and job opportunities. The members of Black Women Animate are committed to controlling their narratives and using their art to empower themselves and their community through visual media.

The Team

Taylor K. Shaw,
Founder & CEO

JLove Calderon,
Managing Partner

Sidney Clifton,
Senior Consultant,
Training & Development

Sonya Carey,
Senior Consultant,
Work For Hire

Brea Baker,
Community & Project

Andrea Wishom,




Honor & Acknowledge

Before we ink any deal or put out any piece of content, we make sure the needs of our community are honored and acknowledged. We are a company that invites the artists we work with to show up as their full selves by intentionally creating and developing content and Community programming that will give our base a seat at our table.

Cultural Innovation

Black women, women of color, and nonbinary artists of color across the diaspora are the drivers of our stories. The content we produce is inherently innovate because we center the voices of our base in unprecedented ways.

Create the Narrative

Black Women Animate is committed to transforming representation in animation by serving as a platform for authentic storytelling - providing space for our base to create their own narratives and control their stories.


“The members of Black Women Animate are dedicated to their craft and committed to using their art to empower themselves, others, and transport audiences through visual media.”

-Forbes, 2018



What We Offer

Original Content

Our production company has a slate of over 10 original properties. We create content for both the linear and digital space that centers diverse narratives across race, gender, sexuality, and age.

Work For Hire

To hire us for animated projects please contact us here.

Training &


Our Training & Development Division services begin with girls and nonbinary children from ages 8 on up. We create opportunities for youth to explore their potential as artists through the world of animation.


Our Equity Excelerator caters to women and nonbinary animators of color who have demonstrated exceptional artistic potential and have prior training that, coupled with our rigorous 6 month program, will qualify them to perform at industry standard. For media companies and studios interested in being Excelerator partners, we offer the opportunity to employ the Excelerator’s artists at your studio and DEI consulting that includes a retention plan. Please request more information from our Community & Project Coordinator, brea@blackwomenanimate.com.