Our Story


Founded by visionary creative Taylor K. Shaw, leader in the world of conscious content, media, activism and empowering women—Black Women Animate is the first and only production company designed to improve the representation of black women in animation. While creating her own animated series, Taylor wanted to employ a team of black women animators but quickly realized her search would be more challenging than expected. She joined forces with Creative and Activist JLove Calderón to create BWA, a chance to help black women, women of color, and nonbinary artists of color in the world of animation obtain visibility and job opportunities. The members of Black Women Animate are committed to controlling their narratives and using their art to empower themselves and their community through visual media.

The Team

Taylor K. Shaw,
Founder & CEO

JLove Calderon,
Managing Partner

Sidney Clifton,
Senior Consultant
& Supervising Producer